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Nov 16

Triumph and Disaster BLOG Numero Uno!

Hey friends  

Since arriving on western Australian shores a week ago, life has continued to be surreal! I have had trouble wiping the smile off my face as we’ve wandered island beaches, (body)surfed for the first time in too long, strummed airy chords in airy orchards, driven by a hot, dry, cider induced bliss once again lapped up the international mix of hostel living, both performing and jamming up smiles into the early hours of these sweltering nights. 

Since this arrival I’ve come to realise that this adventure, those before it and those to come are starting to extend beyond a fleeting dream, beyond a once-in-a-lifetime chance and they are now turning into a sustained effort at trying to (cliché alert) “Live The Dream” for the foreseeable future!

From humble beginnings at home in Tasmania, to the summery (and wintery!) shores of Holland and all those amazing experiences and new friends, I have worked as hard as I can to keep things moving and keep this dream alive as I move back to the southern hemisphere for another summer of touring, strumming and trying to make life as happy as I can.

I’ve always wanted to remain as grateful as possible for these incredible things that happen and stay conscious of why they happen. So my question right now has been, what makes the world go round? What makes us go round the world?! I could generalise simply by saying ‘love’, but this latest wave of once thought impossible events has only been made possible by the blatant selfless generosity of everyone that has surrounded me on the journey so far. 

I have SO MANY people to thank and repay, hopefully with more music that means something to you and puts a smile on your face the way you have always managed to put one on mine.

Thank you to my new Dutch family for your support in getting set up in Holland. Dutch Mama and Papa, my incredible girl and their friends and family for giving us places to stay and coming to my shows. Everyone at F.A.S.T., Tortuga Beach Club, Hart Beach, Paard Cafe, Paddy O’RyanMadNes Festival (WOOOO!), Fries StraatFestival, the Rockstone Sessions family, Woodstock Bloemendaal, the boys from Surfschool Foamball Texel, the crew from the Quiksilver SurfschoolSanuk Benelux andDonavon Frankenreiter for having me to strum at Aloha Beach Club. My summer was a dream come true!

And now I’ve arrived in Australia, the generosity keeps flowing. I have to thank The CORE Cider Housefor looking after us and feeding us incredible food and cider, Bob and the boys for putting us up and lending us transport – this would not have happened without you – the The Old Swan on the Barracksfor having us to stay and play and of course Ya-Ya’s for a providing a great venue to play with some local artists.

It is only the beginning of this Triumph and Disaster National Tour and I’m just overwhelmed by the willingness of everyone to give, to get involved and to share in the experience. Rest assured if you’re not tagged / listed that can only be attributed to my terrible memory! I will always work to repay and contribute to all of your dreams as we move onwards and upwards together.

We head to Adelaide next week and I will keep you posted on our adventures. I can’t wait to catch up with Sam Brittain and play some nice gigs over east. If you wanna check out our dates and buy some tickets you can always drop by for more info. We will also keep you posted via Instagram (@nickbalcombemusic) and Facebook of course. 

I can’t WAIT to get back to Tasmania and see you all again for Christmas and New Years Eve and then hit the road again next year, maybe to New Zealand or back to Holland and the UK – let’s see where the wind blows, hey? 

Much love! 
NB x

Nov 3
Where in Australia are you? Check the dates here: #nationaltour #triumphdisaster #roadtrip @charliekellermusic1

Where in Australia are you? Check the dates here: #nationaltour #triumphdisaster #roadtrip @charliekellermusic1

Nov 1
It’s real! See you soon friends :) #nationaltour #triumphdisaster #triumphagram @charliekellermusic1

It’s real! See you soon friends :) #nationaltour #triumphdisaster #triumphagram @charliekellermusic1

Oct 31

This is a great EP from a guy who took his PASSION and got it done. The only way :)

Oct 29

vibing :)

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Aug 22

You guys have to check out this guy. Very talented Aussie musician doing big things.

Aug 20


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